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Saturday Nights Performance Sold Out

Friday Night Sold Out

12 remaining Sunday Matinee Show!

Hello and thank you from the Picket Sign Passion team for reserving your seat for our upcoming show. A few things...  

We have chosen this reservation method so we could be selective about making sure our friends and families could see this wonderful show. Using general ticketing via the internet limits the control of 'who' is filling our seats. We are so glad you have accepted our warmest invitation and look forward to seeing you on your reserved show date.
We will be taking cash at the door, so to make the transaction smooth please bring exact bills or no bills larger than $50. General admission is $30 dollars. Our box office and bar area opens 1/2 hour before showtime which is 7p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 3p.m. 

Sunday Matinee (Drinks are permitted in theater)
Our host Jarrell will be warming up the crowd and doors will be officially closed at 7:15  Friday and Saturday and 3:15 

Sunday Matinee. We ask that you do not save seats for late comers.
My name is Ibuuk and I will greet you at the door.  Look for the purple cape!

If you have any questions in regards to your reservation please use the contact page to the right.

Thank you and we can't wait to see you at showtime!

The Picket Sign Passion Team